Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Friday, July 19, 2013

.baby days.

i don't think forrest and I have ever been this poor in our whole married life, and baby isn't even here yet!  i'm already sacrificing hair appointments and my shopping habits, but for the most part my 2 inch regrowth doesn't bother me when I think of why I haven't had my hair done in months.  in fact forrest came home the other day and said i'm surprised at how well you are handling this, that's when I let him know that I had indeed gone shopping that day, now now before you judge and blame the state of our economy on me listen...we have a gap card, when you spend money you earn rewards which can be used at old navy, gap, banana, athleta, piperlime.  I normally save these bad boys up and wait until I get a coupon for piperlime and buy something expensive for myself and end up paying 2O-4O bucks for said item, my frye boots for example.  however I knew with baby coming I would want those to spend on him when fall clothes started coming out.  and they have BARELY started coming out but they are oh too cute to resist.  just look at these gap clothes and tell me I made a bad choice spending 6O of my reward dollars on baby boy.  you can't.  it is not possible. (and don't worry he won't be wearing these all at the same time, in fact i'm turning the onesie into a cardigan sweater!!) 
and as if that wasn't a good enough deal today I got a kohls 1O reward in the mail, I don't know how I don't have a kohl's card.  I got him fuzzy little elephant pj's for 1 dollar.  ONE dollar!!
AND as if I hadn't felt like i'd done enough "shopping" for the day, I picked up the petunia pickle bottom diaper bag I won via instagram.  now that is what I call a successful shopping day.  hopefully this will hold me over until I have money to spend on this little boy!   

Thursday, July 18, 2013


this past week we got to go on our 'babymoon'.  we went to California and stayed at my granparents house in grass valley.  forrest had never been there before and i figured he would really like it.  the deer practically eat out of your hands, and if you know my husband you know his fascination with animals, not really in the "animals are so cute" way as much as the "i love to hunt animals" kind of way.  my assumptions were right, the first morning we were there he was immediately enthralled with 2 bucks who just sat and watched him from the deck for about 10 minutes.  we explored surrounding areas, went shopping in Nevada city, played at the lake, went to the Sacramento temple, spent a day in san fran and watched the Boston Red Sox play in Oakland (the latter being the main purpose of this trip, Boston is forrest's team and he had never been to an MLB game before).  We had a great time, it is so nice to escape reality sometimes and just be together.  That being said, we are pretty excited for this little guy to join us in a few short months!! 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


it's been 6 months since my last post, have you given up on me yet?  so much has happened in the last 6 months, it has been busy, crazy, and amazing for us! 
we moved into a new basement apartment, we are still in highland and just a few minutes from my parents.  i love that!  especially when i get so bored in the day time.  we tried to get into a house at the beginning of this year but everything we tried did not work out.  it was a serious bummer at the time but now we are grateful for that blessing. {continue reading for enlightenment}
we celebrated forrest's 28th birthday. 
we spent a week in vegas at the cancun resort.  it was so great!  we hung out with great friends and chilled at the pool.  i always love our 5 hr drives to and from vegas, we laugh, i sleep, and we sing our guts out. 

i turned 25, i'm a quarter of a century.  and that is all there is to say about that.
we celebrated our 2nd anniversary.  sometimes i cannot believe it has been 2 years already!  and on the other hand most days i can't even remember what it was like before forrest.  it's strange how time eludes us like that. 
and for the most exciting news, i had my yearly checkup with my gynecologist everything seemed routine, i told dr haskett we were trying and it had been about 3 months since we stopped preventing he said give it 6 more months and if we were worried to come back in and talk about other options {um hi i'm a girl trying to get pregnant who just had a very invasive exam who is terrified about infertility issues since it is so prevalent these days, it amazes me still that i didn't burst into tears}.  5 days later i found out we were pregnant!!!!  it was so surreal taking that test and having it say i was pregnant, i almost couldn't believe the test was right.  i'd made a special abc book for forrest that i'd been saving for a few months and saved the 'P' page for when i knew i was pregnant.  unfortunately my lack of patience kind of ruined all my prior planning.  it was like 1O:3O in the morning and i'd already known for 3 hrs without telling anyone!!  it felt like i was bursting and exploding because i hadn't said anything to anyone!  it was torture.  the worst part was forrest was at work all day and at noon i would be babysitting for 12 hrs straight!  i decided to tell forrest at work, there was no way i could last all day without spilling and i didn't want to share such exciting news in front of 3 kids we didn't really know.  so i pulled up in the parking lot and forrest came out to the car i think i was kind of acting weird, i just remember forrest saying what's going on, are you okay?  i think i stammered out here i made this for you, again odd why at the end of march would i give him a random abc book of our life together.  lucky for me he is sweet and doesn't really question my insanity.  he started flipping through, oh this is fun, this is cool, and i'm dying inside thinking can p be any farther away?!  he finally got to the pregnant page and was shocked.  we both hugged, and laughed, and cried tears of excitement obviously, forrest didn't believe it either, he asked if i was playing a joke.  it was hard leaving him knowing i couldn't really talk about it until he got off work.  and i guess for that reason the diamond rental in pleasant grove {as much as i despise the place} will always hold a special place in my heart.  since that reveal we have told families and friends, well forrest would say I've told people but potato patato ;) we have been to 3 doctors appointments, announced the gender, bought a crib, a stroller, and a carseat.  {i may or may not have bought a pair of freshly picked moccs and some toms but really that's pretty tame for how much i love to shop}  we have our 2O week appointment on the 1Oth and i'm just hoping this little boy is measuring ahead of his current due date!  both of our families have had BIG babies, and to be honest that is kind of scary.  i mean i was 6 weeks early and 6lbs!  how does that even happen?  but the big kicker is he is due November 25th which means if he is born within a few days of his due date he would have a thanksgiving birthday every few years, as someone who occasionally shares her birthday with fathers day, i really don't want this baby boy to share his birthday with a holiday.  especially thanksgiving.  so come early baby boy!  and every time i look at that little 12 week picture i just die, he is already so cute!!  even when he looks like a peanut!  pictured below are in the following order, daddy's favorite picture so far of baby boy, and the gender reveal cake i made to tell our families (apparently it doubled as my birthday cake at my in-laws hence the candles :)

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


last week we went to vegas.  we bought a deal on living social and got a steal of a deal at the jw marriott.  we even got a 100 dollar resort credit with which i got a hot stone massage,  heaven on earth.  we spent the rest of the time hanging out with our friends nate & heather and getting to remember why we are best friends {after a week with the twins it was just what we needed}.  i love having those moments when i get to remember who i am and see that fun, flirting, handsome man i fell in love because we don't have to worry about our day to day responsibilities.  i love you forrest brett, thanks for the great week in vegas. 

Friday, November 30, 2012

elf on the shelf intro

we are living with my parents right now and i figured what better time to invite our elf on the shelf than when living with the 7 year old little girl who is questioning her belief on all things magical.  although i have to admit i'm kind of smitten with minty myself!!  our elf is named peppermint but prefers that we call him minty.  today he brought a special letter from santa claus with instructions and information about our elf and doughnuts for the whole family, including himself what a smart elf!  we are so excited to see what happens every day this holiday season! 
Merry Christmas all!!

Friday, August 10, 2012

sick week

 this week we celebrated the husbands 1/2 birthday.  because i wanted him to feel special.  i've had a cold all week and he has really been the best care taker ever.   i also wanted to try a new recipe for a tres leches cake.  um soggy cake, still not a big fan of that.  

and tonight the hubby is working late.  soooo i may have done a little online shopping {finally ordered that watch i've been eyeing on piperlime, because i got a 2O% off and may have had like 1OO dollars in rewards, shhhh don't tell husband. ha kidding, he knows about my naughty spending habits} and some crafting.  i've been wanting to make pillows since we finished the, okay not that long.  but today i got the pillow form and found some cute fabric surprisingly at hobby lobby.  so i made my first envelope pillow case with some adorable chevron printed fabric.  more to follow...once i buy more stuff one at a time with my 4O% off coupons, because i'm cool like that.

Monday, August 6, 2012

w e e k e n d

our weekend consisted of some working and a lot of playing.  
we finally hung the headboard!! i'm trying to decide if i should paint the word love on it like the headboard i got inspiration from had it, but for now i'm content leaving it plain.  especially because i'm going to make pillows and i feel like that will jazz things up enough.  {don't laugh too hard at our wall, i painted it almost 1O years ago, and it was cool back then...}
friday night we dated it up with a little smashburger, a stop at the mall and then up to sundance for the full moon lift ride.  i've wanted to do that with forrest for 3 years now.  and finally made it.  it was way fun.  we even saw some deer moonlight grazing below us.  
sunday night we celebrated one of my best friends birthday.  it was a dress up dinner party.  we had a really great time.  forrest was a real sport, he doesn't even know any of those people and he still came and had an enjoyable time.  he even wore a suit...i didn't even ask him to.  love that boy.  

Thursday, August 2, 2012

c a m p i n g

well, like the slacker i am i didn't have pictures of the headboard on monday.  in fact it isn't even hung yet.  tonight.  forrest has to help me hang it tonight.  but i do have a good excuse, we went camping for a few days at one of our favorite spots called mill hollow.  it is up past heber and kamas, so a little bit of a drive but the view is so pretty.  we stayed the first night by ourselves, forb and i have been camping together a lot of times over the past 2 1/2 years but have never actually been camping alone.  it was so fun but so odd, i don't feel old enough to go camping without adults....err i mean we are the adults.  i feel like i'm having a mini crisis, it just hit me that pretty soon i'll be the mom and forrest will be the dad and we'll be in charge of packing everything for everyone and always entertaining and feeding and providing and a whole sleuth of things.  {and they say camping is relaxing, excuse me for a minute while i have a hard time breathing in this fresh mountain air}  okay really, not that dramatic but i swear yesterday i was 12.  that being said our very first completely alone camping trip went rather smoothly.  we only forgot camping chairs, but who needs those when you have massive rock chairs around the fire pit.  oh and i guess i forgot mayo and mustard for our lunch but chik-fil-a came in handy with their little packets of each.  we pretty much hung out, walked around and did nothing.  went to bed early, maybe a little too early.  i didn't sleep too well the first night we were there and around 4 am i was just laying there trying to get comfy and i heard freaky noises and footsteps.  i was terrified.  real real terrified.  so a few minutes later i whispered to forb, are you awake?  and he said yes.  i asked if he had heard the noise, he said yes.  he told me we weren't in any danger.  so we laid there for a few minutes, he asked if i wanted to go for a drive i said no it's okay.  the longer i laid there the more i felt like i was going to vomit, then i thought when are we ever both wide awake at 4 in the morning, so i finally said where are we going to go.  we got dressed and i ran to the car.  ha ha i'm such a scared little girl.  we drove to the heber wal-mart so i could use the restroom and we needed mantles for our lantern.  it took about 2 hrs there and back so it was around 6:3O when we were driving back to camp and the sun was rising.  we saw lots of deer, but i see lots of deer driving my car in alpine so i hadn't bothered to put my contacts back in yet.  when suddenly forb yelled  "MOOOSE"  i put my contacts in as fast as i could and we saw 2 bull moose.  they are my favorite animal so it was amazing!  we drove back to camp and slept for a few hours.  then sean and brittany came up and camped with us.  i was definitely ready for a shower and our bed by the end, but camping and laughing around the fire was just what i needed.

Friday, July 27, 2012

t h e l a t e s t

i told you in my bedroom post that i was in the process of making us a headboard for our bed.  i'm glad to say i'm in the final stages of said headboard.  i'm just trying to decide on final touches.  i found inspiration on pinterest of course.  its been a bit of a task, because instead of tracking down weathered wood i made my own.  i beat the heck out of it, sanded it, stained it with tea, paint, steel wool & apple cider vinegar.  but i'm actually really happy with the results!  i cannot wait to finish it and get it above the bed.  hoping to have final pictures to share by monday!  and next on the bedroom list of things to do...pillows.  find them.  make them. buy them.  whatever just get some that i cannot live with out!  
here is a little peek at the wood.